Montana Trout Fishing

“We’re just back from our 8th visit to Upper Canyon and are pleased to report that it’s still our favorite. The Ruby Valley offers a great variety of fishing, and the guides are first-rate; trips to other rivers were well-organized and a great way to expand our fishing horizons. This year we enjoyed the special […]

Montana Hunts

“My wife and I ventured to Upper Canyon this summer to enjoy the ranch, fishing, horseback riding and hiking and preview where I had booked an elk and mule deer hunt this fall. After returning from the fall hunt all that I can do is reinforce the previous comments complimenting the complete operation of Upper […]

Montana Mountains

  “The beautiful slopes that overlook Upper Canyon Ranch appear in the distance as you drive down the Ruby Valley, with golden eagles flying above you, pronghorns scattering, and bison grazing in pastures beside the road. In the early morning it’s not uncommon to see moose or sandhill cranes along the river.” -Amy

Montana Hunting

“My third, or is it fourth trip, to hunt the wild Montana elk with the great folks at Upper Canyon Outfitters. Wonderful hunt, great country, we worked hard and to good effect. Saw many elk. My guide reminded me of a young Teddy Roosevelt. Earnest. Hard working. Great guy.” – Brian

Montana Horseback Riding

“After talking with a gal that has been numerous times to Upper Canyon Outfitters my husband and I decided to vacation there so that I could once more become a cowgirl. I had the time of my life riding horses and working with cows!!!!! Donna and Jake made everything easy and fun and very safe. […]