Jim and Val Reynolds

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Jim and Val are known for their dedication to helping youth become involved in the fly-fishing world.  Both Jim and Val are teReynolds Familyachers and they carry this skill into their guiding.  You can’t find a more patient couple who enjoy teaching our clients where and how to catch more fish.  Both have been involved in school programs and for a number of years they were instrumental in the Family Tyes Program that connects youth, schools, families, communities and businesses.  Jim and Val’s daughter, Brooke, has also caught an interesting in guiding, and has shadowed her parents on the river and picked up some great instructing tips this summer.

Jim and Val are constantly assessing the ever changing insect life and water conditions.   They will be tying on the right fly for the conditions, help you with casting techniques, proper fly presentation, wading, and proper catch and release techniques.  After your day with Jim and Val you will have had lots of laughs and you will feel like your day was an investment in future fishing success.

We are fortunate to have such a loyal and talented couple who have done nearly every job on the ranch.  Jim, also known as Rocko in the mountains of Montana, manages our fly fishing program, instructor for wilderness survival, and a talent for compass reading. Val goes from the stream to the saddle, leads all our hiking tours and shows up in the kitchen each evening smiling and helping with all aspects of the ranch.