Once in Alder:

In Alder, turn left on the road next to Alder Market and go toward the Ruby Dam. Once past the dam, the road will turn into gravel. There are a few roads that branch to the right but stay on the main road that goes to the left or Upper Ruby Road. The ranch is 24 miles south of Alder. There are 12 miles of pavement and then 12 miles of gravel.

From Bozeman:

The most scenic route to the ranch is to go through Bozeman and get on Route 84 West to Norris. Continue traveling on Route 287 to Ennis. (You’ll make a left-hand turn.) At Ennis head toward Virginia City and Nevada City, then Alder.

From Butte:

Take I-90 at Whitehall and go through town to the west end. You will see a road to Virginia City. Take Route 41 through Silver Star to Twin Bridges. Then take Route 287 through Sheridan to Alder.

From Dillon:

Take Route 41 North to Twin Bridges. At Twin Bridges take Route 287 South through Sheridan and then into Alder.

Drive all the way to Alder: Do not listen to your GPS – it will take you on very bad roads.

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