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Fishing Adventures in the Ruby Valley

The Ruby River is one of the best wild trout rivers for Montana Fly Fishing and we provide our guests the exclusive opportunity to fish trout-filled waters here at the ranch and experience a number of different rivers and streams. We have access to more waters to fish then you have time to fish them. Along with private ranches we lease for fishing, the Beaverhead National Forest is just outside our backdoor, you can spend your days fly fishing the Ruby or exploring the many smaller tributary streams that run through the mountains and valleys. You can also introduce family and friends to fly fishing and practice your casting on our private spring-fed pond.

Our full-time fly-fishing guides are available at the ranch for instruction, float trips, walk/wade trips, and adventures into our numerous mountain spring creeks. Our guides have a passion for fishing and teaching. Taking you out fly fishing is only the beginning, we love to teach, be it the beginner to the seasoned fisherman our guides will help you with a number of techniques and strategies.
For those who prefer to go unguided, you’ll find them happy to help with hatch information, directions, access points, and stream reports to ensure you have a great day on the water.

From the Ruby River to Your Net and Back

Here at Upper Canyon Outfitters, we cater to each guest’s individual needs and would be happy to assist you in planning your Montana vacation. We offer several specially-priced packages, as well as our Build Your Own Adventure option that’s a perfect choice for the self-explorer.

At Upper Canyon Outfitters, we understand the importance of protecting our natural resources and doing all we can to ensure they endure for generations to come. That’s why our ranch and guides are proud to support and practice catch and release fishing – so that your great catch of today can become someone’s catch of a lifetime tomorrow.

The Rivers

The Rivers

Ruby: provides excellent fly fishing for anglers. On the Upper Ruby, you will find rainbows, cutthroats, brook trout, and grayling. The lower stretch of the river, below Ruby Dam, provides excellent brown trout fishing. Catch them all plus the Mountain Whitefish and you’ve caught the Ruby River Grand Slam.

Madison: is a fly fishing mecca for serious anglers. It is classified as a blue ribbon fishery in Montana and is one of the most productive streams in Montana for brown trout, rainbow trout and mountain whitefish. The Madison is an hour from UCO.

Jefferson: Known for big brown trout, the Jefferson retains much of its scenic beauty and wildlife diversity from the days of Lewis and Clark, from broad valleys to a narrow canyon, it passes through a region of significant geological diversity.  The Jefferson is an hour from UCO.

Beaverhead: Prominently a brown trout river the name of the Beaverhead originates from Beaverhead Rock on the middle river. This rock formation was recognized by Sacajawea when the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed the area in 1805. The Beaverhead is 1 ½ hours from UCO.

Big Hole: A destination for serious trout fisherman since the late 1880s. The Big Hole is known for its high numbers of wild and large rainbow and brown trout and excellent brook trout fishing. The Big Hole is 2 hours from UCO.

UCO will help anglers arrange an outside guide services for the Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers.

What The Ruby Is About

Big Dry Fly Fishing

Tying on a size 20 adams dry fly is not fun for anyone. Luckily Those “big-eyed” dries that have been patiently waiting in your fly box; will be put to use here in the Ruby Valley. The upper Ruby River is home to a variety of top-water oriented fish that have a hard time passing up a chubby chernobyl ant for a meal. For the bigger dry flies, we recommend using a 5 wt and even a 6 wt rod. This allows for easy fly turn-overs in windy conditions, and also better accuracy with the cast.

Hopper Fishing

Terrestrial fishing at its finest! An article in an American Angler magazine, that’s read in the dentist’s office waiting room does not do this style of fishing justice. Explosive and visual takes are what give terrestrial fishing its reputation. The fish that dwell in the Ruby Valley are very familiar with the “hopper hatch” that starts in mid-July and runs to about mid-September. The smaller tributaries are slightly more successful with hopper flies than the big brother, Ruby River.

Tight Line Nymph Fishing

The popularity of this nymphing tactic is quickly becoming a favorite amongst sub-surface anglers. The terms “Euro nymphing”, “czech nymphing” and “spanish nymphing” can all be categorized as Tight Line Nymphing. Numerous sections on the Ruby River offer the perfect water type for this type of nymphing. Our guides here at UCO are set up with the equipment needed to perform this style of fishing and eager to teach any angler the terms, tactics, and technique.

Dry/Dropper Fishing

One of the oldest tandem rigs tied on the end of a leader. To this day, dry/dropper fishing stays under the radar as one of the most effective ways to catch a trout. The watersheds in the Ruby Valley see hatches like Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, Blue Winged Olives, Tricos, etc… Fishing two different stages of a bug’s life cycle is truly killing two birds with one stone or two trout with one rig. Trust us, it has been done.

Small Stream

At Upper Canyon Outfitters we are very familiar with both hunting and fishing. Small stream tactics are collaging the two sports into one. From crouched down casting to lion-like stalks, this fishing is high risk-high reward. The valley’s tributaries hold many cooperative fish looking for their next meal. The only catch is; they cannot know you’re there. For this type of fishing, earthy colored apparel is needed.

High Mountain Lake Fishing

How high is our High Mountain Lake Fishing? Slightly over 9,000 ft above sea level high. The lakes we fish are sprinkled in between old mining towns located in the tobacco root mountain range. If you like adventures incorporated into your fishing day, this is the experience for you. With the lakes tough to access some require a UTV vehicle to get up to them. We recommend that you adjust to the altitude change before fishing the lakes. All lake fishing can be done from shore or floating in a small raft. The lakes are at most a two hour ride from the lodge.

We offer several specially-priced packages, as well as our Build Your Own Adventure option that’s a perfect choice for the self-explorer.

Montana Get Away Package

Explore It All Package: Different Activity Everyday

Angler’s Dream Package

Dude Rancher’s Package

Package prices are based on double occupancy. An additional fee of 15% is charged for singles. Private water rod fees are extra.

Shuttle Service can be arranged by outside companies

Non-Riding Companions: Ask about our special rate for your non-riding friends and family to come and spend quality time together at the ranch.

On top of offering total packages for trips at UCO, we also offer a Build Your Own Experience option. This gives you the freedom to plan what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Build It


Adult Double Occupancy / Per night   $400 / Person per night
Adult Single Occupancy / Per night   $460 / Person per night
Youth 15 years and younger 1/2 price meals and lodging, Full price on activities   $200
Accommodations: Lodge 4 Private rooms with private bath Sleeps 1-3 guests
  Family/Friends Room (2 rooms w/shared bath 4-6 guests
Accommodations: Cabins 3 Two Bedroom/2 Bath w Kitchen Sleeps 4-7 guests (min 4)
  1 One Bedroom/1 Bath w Kitchen Sleeps 2-4 (min 2)
  1 One Bedroom Loft/Bath/Kitchen 3-4 (min 3)
No meals deduct from lodging/meal package -$82.00 adult, -41.00 youth


Breakfast $20 / Person
Lunch $25 / Person
Dinner $45 / Person


Guided Walk / Wade Fly Fishing Two Anglers: $725/Day One Angler: $600/Day
Fly Fishing Rod Fees for Private Water (Add to Guided Trip) $85 – 150 / Angler
Float Trips $750 per boat
Hourly Horseback Riding $85 / Hour, 2 Hour Min
Lunch Horseback Rides $350 / Person, 4 Hour Minimum
Day Horseback Ride $450 / Person, 6 Hour Ride
Equine Facilitated Wellness $390 / Person, 3-4 Hour
Half-Day Day Activities: Guided Hiking Tours, History Tours, Intro to Fly Fishing, 4×4:UTV Tours, UTV/Hike Tour. Lunch at UCO. $225.00 ½ Day PP
Tours Capped at $700.00 Min of 4
Full-Day Day Activities: Guided Hiking Tours, History Tours, 4×4:UTV Tours, UTV/Hike Tour & lunch in mountains. Mix it up 4×4/hike/history all in one! $325.00 Full Day PP
Tours Capped at $1000.00 Min of 4

Ages 6-12 years, 50% discount on lodging and meals.

Policies and Additional Info

Transportation to Ranch

Shuttle services are not offered. We highly recommend renting a vehicle. Having your own car gives you the freedom to enjoy evening activities and wildlife viewing on your own.



Cancellations can be made up to 90 days prior to your arrival date. If your cancellation is made within the 90 days prior, you will be fully refunded your deposit. If you cancel less than 90 days before your arrival, your deposit may be applied to the season following your cancellation. If you arrive late or leave early during your stay, you will still be charged the full price.

We highly recommend trip insurance for “unexpected” cancellations.

COVID Adjustments

Our cancellation policy has been revised for the 2020 summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic. You have 90 days prior to your scheduled trip to move your deposit to a future date with no additional charge.


Fishing licenses are not included in the pricing. Please visit Montana FWP’s website here to get started.

Solo Traveler

Package prices are based on double occupancy. An additional fee of 15% is charged for solo travelers. Private water rod fees are extra.


Deposit: A deposit of 30% is required for all reservations, the remaining balance, taxes and gratuity is due upon departure from Upper Canyon Outfitters. We prefer check, cash or debit, but also accept visa or masterCard. A 2.75% convenience fee will be added if paying by credit card.
In the occurrence of any unforeseen shutdown of Upper Canyon Outfitters, such as a forest fire, all money received will be transferred to the following year.

Client Responsibility

All clients will be required to follow the ranch/stable and guides’ safety policies and procedures and all clients will be required to sign a Participant Assumption of Risks, Acknowledgment of Inherent Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Upper Canyon Outfitters, Inc. upon arrival. UCO is the home to many pets and livestock, for this reason, we do not allow any outside pets at the ranch.

What to Pack and Bring With You

  • 3-, 4- or 5-weight rod for small streams
  • 6-weight rod for larger rivers
  • Weight forward floating lines work best
  • 4x, 5x and 6x tapered leaders 8-11 feet long
  • A good single-action reel with backing
  • Chest waders and wading boots (UCO has a wide variety of sizes of boots and waders for you to rent at our store). No rental fee on guided trips.
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm sweater or fleece jacket
  • Waterproof camera
  • Your sense of adventure
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