Thank you for the fabulous week at UCO – the time went by so fast! We had a great group of gals and I am looking forward to visiting you again! Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone at UCO who made the trip so enjoyable. Everyone worked so hard, and with long hours for all of us. Coming back to the ranch every night was like coming home. Everything was just perfect!

Watching the video last night, I had a big smile on my face, but also tears in my eyes… we had an unforgettable experience at the ranch. Horses, dogs, cows and most of all, all of the great people made the week truly the best. I love Montana. I cannot thank you enough. I know we had a lot of fun with the calves on the last day but I hope they are not scarred for life after the tangles with the crazy women wanting to dress them up.

Thanks again, and hugs to all.

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