On both our guided and unguided hunts you will find whitetail deer in many of the areas we hunt, your deer license is good for a mule deer or whitetail. This gives you the opportunity to harvest a whitetail in many different types of terrain. The favorite place for the whitetail is along the riverbanks and irrigated fields on the private ranches in the Ruby River. On our guided Whitetail hunts you will have the opportunity to hunt quality bucks on the ranches we lease in the Ruby Valley.

Seasons and Dates


– Labor Day Weekend to Mid-October
– General Permit Area


– Late October through November
– District: 330, 324, 326

Application Deadline:

– April 1st

License Costs Non-Resident:

– UCO helps in the application process to help you get a license. Licenses are not included in the cost of stay the hunt. Estimated cost for 2021 Big Game Combo Elk/Deer License, Preference points, and state fees $1,170.00

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